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International Tape Manufacturers


Removing Asbestos Roofing

We provide a wide range of products used in the removal of asbestos from environments. These including cloth tape, danger and warning tapes and any other tape required to remove the dangerous material.

Building Construction

We supply all trades within the Building industry. From the ground up we are able to supply the tape to accommodate the customers’ requirements.

Painting Ceiling

We supply tapes to decorate small projects to large industrial size projects including tapes for car masking and protect flooring.

Assortment of Tools

Tapes to suit all project requirements regardless of the size.

Electric Cables

We supply individual wrapped British standard high performance PVC used throughout the electrical trades. We also supply many other specialised tapes as required to the individual’s requirements.

Exhibition Space

We supply all tape required to be able to attend events as a supplier including in the NEC.

Hay Bales

We supply farmers with tape required to bale silage and patch the hay bales. We also supply tape used for poultices.

Laminate Wood Floor

We supply tapes to be used when laying vinyl, carpet, dance floors and marquees in both commercial and domestic settings.

Glass Panes

We supply tapes used in the production, transport and installation of windows, mirrors and splashbacks.

Renovations in Progress

We supply a wide range of tapes that are manufactured in the UK and are Class O and Class 1 VOC approved. Our foil is used throughout for insulation, HIVAC and ventilation among many other applications.


We supply a range of tapes used in the installation of heating systems, water pipes and water based systems.  

Construction workers on work site

We supply tapes required in the installation and transport of scaffolding.

Television Studio

We supply a wide range of tapes to be used in theatres, music studios and camera people to ensure that cables are hidden, marks are correct and hazards are being made aware.

Hardware Warehouse

We supply any tape that is required for use in and around a Warehouse. We have a large range of packing tapes including paper and cellulose tape, we are also able to supply bespoke printed tape to your specifications.

Colorful Sellotapes

We supply a range of unique tapes for any special requirements you may have.




"Tickitape” is the brand name of Adhesive Specialities Ltd. We have been tape manufacturers and distributors since 1972.

We have an active customer base of over 15,000 customers which we believe is a testament to our undertaking to supply the right quality product at a value for money cost.

We supply to a wide variety of markets both here and abroad, to companies ranging from small users to Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers. Part of our Ethos is not just to sell tape but to form a partnership with, and understand our customers’ requirements.

Having a multi-million pound turnover and a vast range of adhesive tape and sticky tape products in our Newbury based warehouse including Aluminium Foil Tape, Packaging Tape, Gaffer Tape, Masking Tape, Double Sided Tape, PVC Electrical Tape, together with specialist tape and bespoke tape for specific industries or customer applications, means most products will be available for immediate despatch.


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